Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

With so many types of life insurance available it’s hard to distinguish what you may or may not need. There are generally two types: term and permanent type insurance.

The best way you can determine which type of life insurance is right for you is to speak with one of our insurance professionals and discuss your situation. We will provide you various options that are tailored to fit your needs and not just your pocket book.

With over 15 years experience serving our community you can rest assured we will find the best coverage for your specific needs.

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is only designed for temporary needs. It will provide protection for a set period of time that is within the term. It will generally pay a benefit only if the client passes within the specified period. This is designed for those who have a need for life insurance until a certain need is met; this could be something like paying off your mortgage or when your kids graduate college.

Permanent Life Insurance provides lifelong protection and will stay active as long as the premiums are made without suffering from any loans, surrenders or withdrawals being made, with this the face dollar amount being paid. This is meant to last for a lifetime and the cash dollar amount of permanent life insurance will accumulate and grow over time. It is priced to be kept for long term periods.

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